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Establishment techniques in under-sown prennial ryegrass for seed production

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Festulolium (X Festulolium) has shown a considerable yield potential as a fodder crop and as a direct effect the seed production area in Denmark has increased. The main aim for the present trial is a growing interest for festulolium in organic production systems and hence the requirements for organic produced seed. A 3-year study was conducted to determine the seed yield response in two different types of festulolium in respect to three seed rates (8, 12 and 16 kg ha-1) and three row spacings (12, 24 and 36 cm). The lolium type cv. Paulita was not affected by seeding rate or row spacing. In the tall fescue type cv. Hykor no significant difference in seed yields were found in respect to seeding rate but narrow row spacing 12 and 24 cm yielded more than 36 cm row spacing. The average seed yield was 1091 kg ha-1 in Paulita and 738 kg ha-1 in Hykor.

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