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SSIX-news : Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ; issue 2/2010

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SSIX NEWSLETTER_ ISSUE 2_2010 NEWS OF THE FACULTY NEWSLETTER DES FACHBEREICH WIRTSCHAFTSWISSENSCHAFTEN ISSUE 2/2010 EDITORIAL Dear students, colleagues, alumni, and friends of our Faculty! By and large, our bachelorʼs students here in Frankfurt are satisfied with their study program. A large majority of students think that there is an agreeable degree of diversity in the program, that the content of the courses is coordinated in a reasonable way, and that there is a sufficient amount of mentoring in the introductory phase of the program. How would I know? Well, Iʼve asked around. Assisted by the SIXX team, we distributed questionnaires in selected, mainly large courses at the end of the last winter term and were able to collect some 880 responses by our students. With some 2400 bachelorʼs students enrolled, this amounts to roughly a third of our student body, and the answers should be largely representative. There are also areas where we could do better. For example, most students think that it would be good to have more choice in the selection of courses. Failures in exams seem to be a major source for delays in finishing the program. One of the questions was related to the general layout of the program. If students had to start all over again and could choose between 3-year and 4-year programs, a wide majority would lean towards the shorter program. The detailed results can be found here. Clearly, there is no reason to play down the discontent that has been expressed in recent student protests. At the same time, the feedback that we receive from the questionnaire is that the bachelorʼs programs of our faculty need fine tuning rather than a major overhaul. Many of my personal conversations with students confirm this impression. Best regards, Alfons Weichenrieder Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration NEW PROGRAM DIRECTOR FOR THE MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM With effect from February 2010, Professor Roland Holten from the I

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