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Mikkelsen, Benny

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Benny Mikkelsen - DTU Orbit (17/05/14) Benny Mikkelsen - DTU Orbit (17/05/14) Benny Mikkelsen Department of Electromagnetic Systems 04/07/03 to 03/09/13 [email protected] Phone: 45253777 Fax: 45931634 Job title: Forskningslektor Publications: Circuit switched optical networks Some of the most important components required for enabling optical networking are investigated through both experiments and modelling. These all-optical components are the wavelength converter, the regenerator and the space switch. When these devices become "off-the-shelf" products, optical cross-connects can substitute the electrical nodes that today connect the installed optical fibres. This substitution will enable a massive increase in capacity since the bandwidth of the individual wavelength channels can be increased drastically when the electronic bit processing can be omitted. Furthermore, it is expected that the optical solution will offer an economical benefit for hight bit rate networks. This thesis begins with a discussion of the expected impact on communications systems from the rapidly growing IP traffic, which is expected to become the dominant source for traffic. IP traffic has some characteristics, which are best supported by an optical network. The interest for such an optical network is exemplified by the formation of the ACTS OPEN project which aim was to investigate the feasibility of an optical network covering Europe. Part of the work presented in this thesis is carried out within the OPEN project and consequently a short description of the project is given, which reveals that the all-oåptical wavelength converter is a key element in the cross-connect design that was studied in the project. Techniques for all-optical wavelength conversion is the topic of the following chapter, where two techniques are accentuated as the most promising candidates for implementation. The first technique is based on cross-gain modulation in s

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