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Applying a Combined Chronometric- Simulation Method for Optimizing Operation Management in Construction

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering; [email protected]
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  • Construction Management
  • Productivity Estimation
  • Chronometric Measurement System
  • Discrete-Event Simulation Systems
  • Croatian Construction Sector
  • Education


This paper describes a Croatian educational experience about the possibility of implementing a combination of the famous method of “work study” and the most modern simulation software to improve construction production. For the first time the students observed the capital technological construction processes “on site” and then measured the necessary time for their execution by the well known “chronometric” method. During the second exercise they analyzed the real observed processes and the sample of collected data. After that, they made a “graphic-simulation” model using the best-known software “Stroboscope” for simulating “just” the construction technological processes. At the end of their training exercise, the students concluded about the possibilities of improving technological construction processes on a “real site”. The main goal of this paper was to describe the “real process” of real education for some regular Croatian students. The simulation of construction processes, with real collection of data, may train the students about what to do in real situations. Of course, this paper presents only the general approach without greater detail.

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