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Sistem Pengurusan Peluru : Kajian Di Jabatan Polis DiRaja Malaysia Kontinjen Pahang

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  • Hv Social Pathology. Social And Public Welfare


The study is about the management system of bullets in the Department of Polis Diraja Malaysia of the Pahang Contingent. The first objective of the study is to analyze the current system in term of the cost of manpower usage and the time taken in managing the bullets to the whole districts of Pahang in one year period. The second objective is to provide suggestions to upgrade the current system in order to minimize the cost to the lowest extent. Nowadays, police officers from every districts of Pahang will go to Kuantan to take the bullets needed for the districts. From the analysis done, it is concluded that this system is not yet very efficient because it is high-cost, time-taking, and use a great number of manpower. The expenditure for the current system is estimated about RM 75,884.32 per year, including the letting cost. To upgrade the system, four suggestions are included, together with the cost needed for each suggestion. It is suggested that the bullets will be sent by the officers from Police Contingent Headquarters one, two, three or four groups. The best suggestion among the four is by sending the bullets through two groups of police officers from the police Contingent Headquarters. The route which is going to be used is determined using the software "QM for Windows 2.0", through the method Shortest Route while the task for the group is determines through Assignment Problem, three lorries and four pajeros will be used for that purpose. By using this method, the first will be sending the bullets to Pekan, Rompin and Maran by using the first lorry. The second lorry is loaded with the bullets which are to be send to Jerantut, Lipis and Raub, while the third lorry is loaded with the bullets that is to be sent to Temerloh, Bentong, and Cameron Highlands. The first group also will be escorting the second lorry finished escorting the first lorry. The second group will be escorting the third lorry. This method will save the management cost up to 45.18 percent or RM 34,282.12.

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