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La venta de la ilusión y la bruja de oro: El embrujo de un círculo virtuoso

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  • Ddc:330
  • Intangible Asset
  • Product Differentiation
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Trade Mark Value
  • Communication


La Bruja de Oro lottery agency story in Sort a small town among the peaks of the Pyrenees in north-eastern Spain is a business success one. After selling the price winning number in various editions of the most important draws of Spanish lottery: Christmas and El Niño, this agency has become the most important seller in Spain and the small and medium-sized businesses country leader in internet sales. Business success causes are rooted in an innovative and intelligent commercial strategy and a very good marketing plan that with a suitable management of an intangible resource, luck, has added value to La Bruja de Oro trade mark and has pushed it worldwide.

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