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Pěstounská péče jako forma náhradní rodinné výchovy

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  • Předpěstounská Péče
  • Hostitelská Péče
  • Pěstounská Péče
  • Typy Pěstounské Péče
  • Dávky Pěstounské Péče
  • Průběh Pěstounské Péče
  • Současná Situace
  • Prefoster Care
  • Host Care
  • Foster Care
  • Types Of Foster Care
  • Benefits Of Foster Care
  • Inocess Of Foster Care
  • Contem Porazy Situation


My work is engaged in the problems of foster care. In the primary phase of my diploma work i target on the arev in which the readers are acquainted with the concrete phases of foster care. Every applicant must pass this period to get the child in his her foster care. In my work there are involved the basic ideas and rules, that foster care relies on. In my research there are presentech opinions of fosters who hud to pass these phases. The main idea of my research was to jind out the fulings of fosters and their suggestions in the frocens of foste care.

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