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Incest, paedophilia, pornography and prostitution: making familial males more visible as the abusers

John Wiley
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  • M211 Criminal Law
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In this paper I return to the survivor case study and sex offender data I used in my paper on conceptual models of the relationship between pornography and child sexual abuse in Child Abuse Review in 1997. Here I use them to show how paedophile typologies and sex offender classifications contribute to constructing the invisibility of the normal, ordinary, heterosexual family men who sexually abuse their own and other people’s children on a very substantial scale. I also use it as the basis for developing a typology which constructs the connections between incest, paedophilia, pornography and prostitution in the form of a ‘Continuum typology of child sexual abuse and the characteristics of child sexual abusers’, and captures the crossover of victims and perpetrators and the overlap of intrafamilial and extrafamilial child sexual abuse and exploitation. This, in turn, becomes the basis for constructing a ‘Nosology of child sexual abuse classification’ which genders the abusers and takes account of both the overlap and the dominant discourse currently of policing and policy, in which ‘paedophilia’ and ‘child sex offending’ have become synonymous, and incest abusers are invisible.

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