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A novel approach to Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences: an integrated, longitudinal, residence-based program

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DOI: 10.1016/j.cptl.2010.10.010
  • Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
  • Experiential Learning
  • Pharmacy Care
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacology


Abstract Objective Introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) became part of accreditation standards for schools of pharmacy in 2004. However, a novel practice experience program that places students in the community visiting patients began at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy in 1997. This article will describe the structure and success of our IPPE program. Methods This IPPE is a longitudinal program that spans the first three professional years and focuses on patient care in residential settings. Student pharmacists and faculty collaborate in managing a patient caseload. During patient visits, student pharmacists conduct interviews and assessments that are then presented at weekly team meetings. Faculty members provide supervision and guidance to students during these meetings. Students document patient interactions in an electronic record. Teams meet to discuss patient status and explore patient care issues. Student pharmacists, faculty mentors and the IPPE coordinator make interventions on behalf of the patient if needed. Results Over the past four academic years, almost 97% of students have received grades of either satisfactory or excels. Student pharmacists' success in the course has been high and positive student feedback has been expressed through course evaluations and student focus groups. Conclusion This IPPE program is part of the culture of Harrison School of Pharmacy and provides student pharmacists with relevant, real-life pharmacy care responsibilities. The program teaches communication, patient and drug therapy assessment, health care issues, and promotes professional socialization. The program's design is a unique method for providing introductory pharmacy practice experiences.

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