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Digital and Manual Media in Design

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Although there is an important commitment to the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems in the design studio, there are still technologies that are not broadly accepted as useful to the designer especially in the early design stage. This is because CAD systems use the monitor and mouse which differ from the sketch paper and pen of manual media. This presentation explores how CAD systems can be applicable and integrated to this early design stage by allowing paper as a digital medium. With this exploration, I look at some ways for bridging manual media and digital media. For accommodating this approach, this article includes the evaluation of a prototype CAD system that discusses enhancing the role of CAD systems in the early design stage and linking the realms of the two currently distinct media ? manual and digital. This system allows the designer to work with computer based and paper based tools in the same conventional environment. The method provides interesting insights into the relationship between digital and manual media.

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