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Blended Shelf - Ein realitätsbasierter Ansatz zur Präsentation und Exploration von Bibliotheksbeständen

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Subject of this thesis is the user interface Blended Shelf, which provides a shelf browsing experience beyond the physical location of the library. Shelf browsing offers numerous advantages and users apply it as a research strategy in libraries. Little usable and proven applications exist to provide shelf browsing in the digital domain, which would allow time and location independent shelf access for the users. Therefore, the aim of this work is to develop a user interface, which offers the experience of digital shelf browsing, without losing the essential advantages that are deeply rooted in the physical space. To accomplish this, the first part of the thesis constructs a collection of basic requirements that need to be fulfilled to emulate the shelf browsing experience. The basics of these requirements are the theoretical background of shelf browsing, as well as an analysis of library specific aspects and user needs. The central parts of the work illustrate how the usage of the requirement collection serves as a foundation for the concrete implementation, the set of functions and the reality-based interaction design of Blended Shelf. Finally, an evaluation in form of a comprehensive field study checks whether the implementation meets the requirements and if the users perceive the User Interface as useful and usable. A description and discussion of the study design and results forms the last third of the thesis. An outlook to and discussion of open questions and future work concludes the thesis.

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