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Development of advanced P/M Ni-base superalloys for turbine disks

EDP Sciences
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DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/20141417001
  • Posters: Alloy Development I: Ni Based Alloys
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In the process of evolution of powder metallurgy in Russia the task permanently formulated was the following: to improve strength properties of P/M superalloys without application of additional complex HIPed blanks deformation operation. On the other hand development of a turbine disk material structure to ensure an improvement in aircraft engine performance requires the use of special HIP and heat treatment conditions. To ensure maximum strength properties of disk materials it is necessary to form a structure which would have optimum size of solid solution grains, γ′-phases and carbides. Along with that heating of the material up to a temperature determined by solvus of an alloy ensures a stable and reproducible level of mechanical properties of the disks. The above-said can be illustrated by successful mastering of new complex-alloyed VVP-class superalloys with the use of powder size − 100 μm. Application of special HIP and heat treatment conditions for these superalloys to obtain the desired grain size and the strengthening γ′-phase precipitates allowed a noticeable improvement in ultimate tensile strength and yield strength up to ≥1600 MPa and ≥1200 MPa respectively. 100 hrs rupture strength at 650 ∘C and 750 ∘C was improved up to 1140 MPa and 750 MPa respectively. P/M VVP nickel-base superalloys offer higher characteristics in comparison with many superalloys designed for the same purposes. HIPed disc compacts manufactured from PREP-powder have a homogeneous micro- and macrostructure, a stable level of mechanical properties.

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