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What regulations need to be fulfilled for 'Jenny May' to be MCA compliant.

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The reason why this project was undertaken is that most reputable charter agencies require the boats that are listed with them to be compliant to a safety standard, the most common being the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). ‘Jenny May’ was purchased in the view to being one of those boats. This project therefore outlines the factors that need to be altered on the boat for it to be compliant in accordance to the MCA. This project also outlines what is involved in creating a successful charter business. This includes, marketing tactics, product placement in the market and forms of advertising. The boat was examined last year in accordance with the MCA ‘The safety of small commercial sailing vessels – a code of practice’ codebook. From this it was possible to establish what needs to be altered on the boat before it can receive its compliance. The marketing aspect of the project involved an in depth analysis of the charter market in order to find and exploit a niche. From the research that I did on the boat I found that it would be feasible to upgrade ‘Jenny May’ to a MCA compliant vessel. Cost analysis charts were drawn up to give an idea of the expenditure involved in the process. After much research into the charter market I found a couple of areas that would allow me to create a competitive charter business. The first idea is to operate a flexible charter between low cost airports and at the same time penetrating the market to produce a quality charter holiday at a low cost. This therefore increases the demand and awareness of the company. The second idea is to charter in accordance to major sporting events around the world; at present there are mainly only super yachts that do this. We will therefore offer the option to tailor affordable charter packages to suit the clients’ requirements. This project therefore starts at the stage when the boat was purchased and covers all the aspects stated above to a financial forecast for the year 2005.

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