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The Results after Transrectal Prostate Biopsy with 12 Biopsy Cores Taken

Croatian Anthropological Society; [email protected]
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This report describes the clinical value of transrectal prostate biopsy during which 12 biopsy cores are taken in comparison to the classical sextant method. There were 106 patients included in the study, who had transrectal prostate biopsy (TRB) due to abnormal finding after digitorectal examination (DRE) and/or values of PSA > 4 ng/ml in the period from 4 October 2001 till 14 August 2002. There were 117 biopsies with 12 biopsy cores taken, 6 cores from each lobe. Prostate cancer was confirmed in 49 patients (46%). Out of total number of confirmed cancer cases, initial biopsy detected 94%. There were three patients who had suspicious DRE finding, with PSA value of < 4 ng/ml, but cancer was not detected in any of them. In the patient group with PSA value between 4–10 ng/ml, cancer was detected in 26% of them and in the group with PSA value > 10 ng/ml cancer was detected in 58%. The most common Gleason score in the case of cancer was 7 (43%). During the biopsy procedure, 3 patients experienced strong vasovagal reactions, meaning that out of 117 biopsies incidence of complications was 2.6%. Few days after the biopsy, two patients developed urogenital tract infections (1.7%) and right after the procedure, there was one case of strong hematuria (0.8%) and strong rectal bleeding (0,8%) that needed hospitalization. Our results regarding the incidence of complications do not differ much from the results in the literature. According to data in the literature regarding sextant biopsy, 15–34% of cancer cases remain undiagnosed at initial biopsy. The method of 12 biopsy cores fails to diagnose only 6% of all cancers, but it is important to note that in the mentioned period, re-biopsy was indicated only in 11 from 60 patients with negative biopsies.

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