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Banking on safety: banks accept alternative ID to fight crime and reach new markets



Take It to the Bank: Your Guide to Opening a Bank Account - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Take It to the Bank Your G uide t o Openi ng a Bank Accou nt   All banks and credit unions participating in BANK ON DALLAS are offering accounts featuring:  No-cost or low-cost checking accounts  No minimum-balance requirement  Acceptance of the Mexican matricula card as one form of identification. A secondary form of identification will be requested. Our banks are also offering at least one of the following features:  Free ATM or debit cards  Accounts for people who may have had problems in the past, such as bounced checks or overdraft fees  Remittances  Free checks  Free online banking Banks reserve the right to amend their offerings. This publication was produced by the Community Affairs Office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Texas Appleseed. The Federal Reserve Bank revised and updat- ed the Texas Appleseed brochure "Bank on Your Future" with permission for this publication. This publication is available on the Internet at www.BankOnDallasTexas. com or Why Open a Checking or Savings Account? Safety Carrying cash on payday or keeping large amounts of money at home can make you a target for robbery and assault. Protect your family’s future and well-being. Open a bank or credit union account. There are people ready to help you, and a bank account comes with many other benefits. Money You may be spending a lot of money every year cashing checks or buying money orders to pay your bills. A checking or savings account will help you better control your budget and will allow you to pay bills directly without having to use money orders. Credit Banks and credit unions make loans for cars, homes and many other items—but first, you have to establish credit. Opening a checking or savings account is the first step to establishing credit and making the dream of owning a home or new car come true. Edu

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