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Prehospital delay and independent/interdependent construal of self among Japanese patients with acute myocardial infarction

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Reducing the time from symptom onset to reperfusion therapy is an important approach to minimizing myocardial damage and to preventing death from acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Previous studies suggest that certain ethnic or national groups, such as the Japanese, are more likely to delay in accessing care than other groups. The aims of this paper were the following; (1) to examine whether culture (defined as independent and interdependent construal of self) is associated with delay in accessing medical care in Japanese patients experiencing symptoms of AMI; (2) to determine if the relationship between independent and interdependent construal of self and prehospital delay time is mediated by cognitive responses and/or emotional responses; and (3) to determine if independent and interdependent construal of self independently predicts choice of treatment site (clinic vs. hospital). A cross-sectional study was conducted at hospitals in urban areas in Japan. One hundred and forty-five consecutive patients who were admitted with AMI within 72Â h of the onset of symptoms were interviewed using the modified response to symptoms questionnaire and the independent and interdependent construal of self scale. The interdependent construal of self scores were significantly associated with prehospital delay time, controlling for demographics, medical history, and symptoms (p

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