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La mémoire et l'oubli dans Cent ans de solitude de Gabriel Garcia Marquez : suivi de Nuits blanches

McGill University
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  • García Márquez
  • Gabriel
  • 1928- -- Criticism And Interpretation.
  • Memory In Literature.
  • Literature


This master's thesis in literary creation is composed of two parts. The first one, a literary critic approaches the confrontation between memory and oblivion, in the novelistic work One hundred years of solitude from Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez through various themes. Primarily, we explain how this duality is seen through hereditary memories, loneliness, activity and inertia. In the next chapters, we show how this duality is also connected with death, collective and individual memories which contributes to make history and identity, with transformation of the past by careful scrutiny of the writing and sleep themes, and finally, to the memory awakened by associations coming from a sensual perception of the past, along with the significance given to objects and through the omnipresence of repetition.

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