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Meeting on Indo-Chinese refugees 20/21 July 1979. Statement by Mr. Micheal O'Kennedy, T.D., Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland and President-in-Office of the Council of Ministers of the European Communities. Geneva, 20 July 1979

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untitled ~L.22.l~Llt~~ I CHECK AGAINST ·DELIVERY J ~...,._.______, COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES Information ala Presse du Bureau de Geneve MEETDiG ON INDOCHINESE REli\JGEES 20/21 JULY 1979 Statement by Mr. Michael orKennedy, T. D. , Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland and President-in-office of the Council of Ministers of the European Communities. 37-39. rue de Vermont Case postale 195 1211 Geneve 20 Tel. 3497 50 Telex 28261 Geneva, 1. On behalf of the Nine !!ember States of the Europea Co!'lffiuni ty, in whose n'ame I have the honour to speak, I should like to thank you for calling this meeting to consider measures to deal with the problem of refugees in South East Asia. 2. The problem \vhich confronts us is of formidable dimensions; it is a human problem of great magnitude and one vlhich has commanded \videspr.ead public attention in the menilier States of the European Community; the spectacle of human suffering on such a vast scale has aroused feelings of profound sympathy and compassion among our pe0ple. The problem calls for a special effort by the :i,nternational corrrrnu!lity to relieve the material and moral distress involved and to spread more evenly the very heavy burden which the influx of refugees has placed on the countries of the region. 3. The foreign ministers of the Nine~ meeting in· Paris on 18th June, expressed their grave concern at the dramatic problems posed by this mass exodus of refugees from Indo-China. Thev called for the uraent convening of a conference under U.N. auspices to ~x~mine practical solutions; they stressed the importance of increased efforts to help the refugees and they emphasised the need to spread such efforts more equitably throughout the international community. The seven major industrial- ised countries who attended the recent Tokyo su~mit also called for immediate steps to meet the problem which thev - - J -described as one of historic dimensions. •· . ' . 4. ~ I am I!lyself aware, fr

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