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Filter characteristics for processing biomechanical signals from impact tests. Final report

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FILTER CHARACTERISTICS FOR PROCESSING BIOMECHANICAL SIGNALS FROM IMPACT TESTS Nabih M. Alem The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Ann Arbor, Michigan 48 109 FILTER STUDY FINAL REPORT July 1986 Prepared under Contract No. DTNH22-83-C-0-7005 The Engineering Design, Development, Testing, and Evaluation of an Advanced Anthropomorphic Test Device National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Department of Transportation Washington, D.C, 20590 This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of the Deparfment of Transporfation in the interest of informofion exchan~e. The United States Govern- ment assumes no liability for the contents or the use thereof. Tmehaicol Report Documntetion Poge 1. R ~ r t No. 2. Covmrmwnt Access~on No. 3. R e c ~ p ~ m t ' s Cotolog No. 4. T ~ t l a md Subt~tle FILTER CHARACTERISTICS FOR PROCESSING BIOMECKANICAL SIGNALS FROM IhIPACT TESTS 7 Author's) Nabih bI. Alem 9. Pmr(orn~ng O r g m ~ a a @ ~ o n Nsna md Addrmss The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute 2901 Baxter Road Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 12. Sponsor~ng Agency N a e m d Addrmss U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Kashington, D . C . 20590 I S . S u p p l m n t a y Notes 5. Rcport Dote July 1986 6. Pufomlng Orgon~zotton Code 8 . Perfora~ng O r ~ m l r d l o n Report No UMTRI-86-32 10. Worb U n ~ t No. 11 . Controct OI Cront NO. DTRH22-83-C-07005 TIP* of Report and Pergod Cowered FINAL REPORT ,, Snso,,ng This work, initially started in 1983 as part of the Advanced Anthropomorphic Test Device Project, was finalized in April-June 1986. 16. Abstroct Digital signals generated in head and chest impact tests were used as the basis for characterizing the frequency responses of the human head and chest, and for specifying filters for the data acquisition and analysis of such signals. Spectral analysis of

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