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Metal-ligand versus metal-metal redox chemistry: thallium(I)-induced synthesis of 4,9-diaminoperylenequinone-3,10-diimine derivatives

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The choice of the metal determines the redox chemical degradation of monovalent Group 13 metal amides containing a 1,8-diaminonaphthalene derivative as a difunctional amido ligand. Compound 1 reacts with InCl by a selective disproportionation to yield a dinuclear In(II)-In(II) complex (the In-In bond length of 2.7237(6) Ã is the shortest measured so far). In contrast, the intramolecular redox reaction of 1 with TlCl leads to the oxidative coupling of two naphthalene units to generate the tetra-N-functionalized perylene derivative 2.

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