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Sanctification, Glorification, Theosis

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Sanctification, Glorification, Theosis. A DIALOGUE BEGINS Papers, Minutes and Agreed Statements from the Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue in India 1978-1982 Edited by Κ. M . George and Herbert E. Hoefer TABLE OF CONTENTS Int roduct ion—Γ by Paulos Mar Gregorios- Introduction—II by Β. Η. Jackayya Dialogue—I Proposals for a programme of Lutheran-Orthodox conversation in India by Κ. M . George The Purpose of the Dialogue and some guidelines with a brief Survey of other Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogues in the world by B.H. Jackayya Minutes Dialogue—II Justification by Faith with special reference to personal and social righteousness by Paulos Mar Gregorios Justification by Faith with special reference to personal and social righteousness by A . Sundaram Agreed Statement on Justification by Faith The presence of the Theotokos in the Economy of Salvation— an Orthodox approach by Κ. M . George The place of Mary in the Lutheran Church by W, P, Peery Agreed Statement on the place of Mary the Theotokos in the Church Minutes Dialogue—III Scripture and Tradition in Lutheranisrh by Gnanabaranam Johnson Scripture and Tradition : an Orthodox perspective by T. J. Joshua Agreed Statement on Scripture and Tradition Authority in the Church: an Orthodox perspective by Paulos Mar Gregorios Authority in the Church : a Lutheran perspective by Gottfried Rothermundt Agreed Statement on the Authority in the Church Minutes Dialogue—IV The Nature of the Church: a Lutheran perspective by K . J. Carl The Nature of the Church : an Orthodox Perspective \ by Κ. M . George Agreed Statement on the Nature of the Church 113 The Church's relation to non-Christian religions by Gnanabaranam Johnson 114 Dialogue with world religions: basic approaches and practical experiences by Paulos Mar Gregorios 123 Agreed Statement on the Church's Relation to Non-Christian Religions 135 The Augsburg Confession in the ecumenical movement: an Orth

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