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Experimental Determination of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Tissue Mimicking Gel

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  • Biomedical Engineering
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The present study deals with finding the convective heat transfer coefficient of agarose gel prepared at two different concentrations of 0.6 % w/v and 1.4% w/v. It is carried out with the help of very simple and easily available laboratory apparatus designed specifically for the determination of convective heat transfer coefficient of tissue mimicking gel. This paper demonstrates an experimental study on three reference temperatures corresponding to 60°C, 70°C and 80°C maintained in the water bath. The sample is designed in such a way that it behaves as a lumped parameter system characterized by a uniform temperature distribution within the system. The variation of temperature with time is recorded with the help of data acquisition system and LabView. The convective heat transfer coefficient of tissue mimicking gel is predicted by fitting the analytical result with the experimental result which ensures a goodness of fit in the range of 97% - 99%. The predicted value of convective heat transfer coefficient lies between 400-450 W/m2 K.

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