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Drug education in post-primary schools and colleges of further education : inspected 1996-98

Education and Training Inspectorate, Department of Education


Report of a Survey of Drug Education in Post-Primary Schools and Colleges of Further Education Drug Education in Inspected 1996-98 Post - Primary Schools and Colleges of Further Education Report of a Survey of Drug Education in Post - Primary Schools and Colleges of Further Education CONTENTS Section Page FOREWORD 5 1. INTRODUCTION 6 2. SUMMARY OF MAIN FINDINGS 6 3. POLICIES 7 4. CURRICULUM 8 5. PASTORAL CARE 10 6. INCIDENTS 11 7. ISSUES FOR ACTION 12 8. CONCLUSION 13 APPENDIX1 - SCHOOLS VISITED BY THE INSPECTORATE APPENDIX2 - COLLEGES OF FURTHER EDUCATION VISITED BY THE INSPECTORATE APPENDIX3 - DRUG EDUCATION IN NORTHERN IRELAND SCHOOLS AND FURTHER EDUCATION COLLEGES (FECs): A QUANTITIVE SURVEY 4 5 FOREWORD These papers consist of a report on the findings of a survey of drug education and associated pastoral support in post- primary schools and colleges of further education, carried out by the Education and Training Inspectorate of the Department of Education for Northern Ireland (DENI) in 1996-98. The Inspectorate is also conducting a similar exercise in the youth service in 1998-99. I should like to acknowledge the co-operation of the schools and colleges visited by the inspectors, the young people with whom discussions took place, and the Health Promotion Agency whose work in the field of drug education helped determine the focus of the survey. I hope that the findings of this report will provide a baseline against which all of those involved in the planning and delivery of drug education and pastoral care, in post-primary schools and colleges, may evaluate the quality and extent of their own provision and plan for future developments. T J SHAW Chief Inspector A number of quantitative terms are used in the report to comment on aspects of drug education in the schools visited. In percentages, the terms correspond as follows:- More than 90% - almost/nearly all 75%-90% - most 50%-74% - a majority 30%-49% - a significant mino

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