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Audiovizuální propagace jako součást public relations mateřské školy.

Publication Date
  • Klíčová Slova : Public Relations
  • Dvd Propagace
  • Prezentace
  • Veřejné Mínění
  • Audiovizuální Propagace
  • Marketing
  • Image
  • Koncepce
  • Corporate Identity
  • Analýza
  • Nástroje Komunikace
  • Keywords: Public Relations
  • Dvd Promotion
  • Presentation
  • Public Opinion
  • Audiovisual Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Image
  • Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Analysis
  • Communication Tools


In my Bachelor´s Report I try to introduce the area of ``Public relations{\crqq} (PR) and relate disciplines which are closely connected with this area/discipline. The different questions related to PR are described in every single part of this report. Closer view is devoted to one of PR tool which is an audiovisual presentation. In practical part of this report I concentrate on concrete function of kindergartens and on the forms of presentations which are used by kindergartens. The screenplay for audiovisual presentation of kindergarten is the output of this part. It includes the creating of DVD presentation of concrete kindergarten.

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