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Neuroretinitis associated with cat-scratch disease: a case report

University Hospital for Infectious Diseases 'Dr. Fran Mihaljević' Zagreb and the Croatian Society for Infectious Diseases of the Croatian Medical Association
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  • Bolest Mačjeg Ogreba
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  • Neuroretinitis
  • Cat Scratch Disease
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In November 2003, a 32-year-old female patient with vitritis and uveitis (pars planitis) of both eyes and neuroretinitis of the left eye, associated with cat-scratch disease (CSD) was treated at the Central Admissions Department of the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases »Dr. Fran Mihaljevic«, Zagreb. Impaired vision occurred simultaneously with axillar lymph node swelling, three weeks after cat scratch. After the patient was examined at the Ophthalmology Clinic in Zagreb, she was referred to our Hospital for etiological diagnostics and recommendation for antimicrobial treatment. The following day the patient was hospitalized at the Ophthalmology Clinic. During hospitalization she was treated with azithromycin p.o. for five days according to recommendation by the infectious disease specialist, with local and parenteral corticosteroid therapy. The disease had favorable outcome. This is the first case of neuroretinitis associated with CSD that was diagnosed in our Hospital in collaboration with colleagues ophthalmologists. The diagnosis was based on epidemiological data, regional lymphadenitis with corresponding cytological finding and serological confirmation of antibodies to Bartonella henselae.

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