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(A) study on the analysis of rigid and flexible body dynamics with contact

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 다물체 동역학
  • Multibody Dynamics (Mbd)
  • 유연 다물체 동역학
  • Multi-Flexible-Body Dynamics (Mfbd)
  • 증분 유한요소 정식화
  • Incremental Finite Element Formulation
  • 동시회전 기법
  • Corotational Procedure
  • 가상 바디
  • Virtual Body
  • 유연체 조인트
  • Flexible Body Joint
  • 접촉 검출 기법
  • Contact Search Algorithm
  • 침투량
  • Penetration Depth
  • 다중 접촉 지역
  • Multiple Contact Region
  • 유연 접촉 힘 모델
  • And Compliant Contact Force Model
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


The analysis of multi-flexible-body dynamics (MFBD) has been an important issue in the area of computational dynamics. In order to solve the multi-flexible-body dynamics problem, this paper uses an incremental finite element formulation using a corotational procedure in which the nodal coordinates are defined with respect to the last calculated configuration. In particular, in order to solve the rigid and flexible bodies together, constraint equations between rigid and flexible bodies are used, in which a virtual body and a flexible body joint are introduced. And, numerical examples for the multi-flexible-body dynamics problem are solved with the proposed incremental finite element formulation using a corotational procedure. On the other hand, dynamic analysis of many mechanical systems often involves contacts among rigid and flexible bodies. But, until now, the contact analysis in the multi-flexible-body dynamics has still remained as a big, challenging area. In order to simulate the contact phenomena, this study uses a compliant contact force model based on the Hertzian contact theory. But, when generating the contact force with a compliant contact force model, a penetration depth and a contact reference frame (a contact point and normal and tangent directions) must be determined from the geometrical information of the rigid and flexible body surfaces. Therefore general contact algorithms, which can calculate a penetration depth and a contact reference frame, are essential to solve the multi-flexible-body dynamics including contacts. In order to develop general purpose contact algorithms which can be used in the multi-flexible- body dynamics analysis, this paper proposes two main algorithms. The one is a fast and robust general rigid body contact algorithm and the other is a flexible body contact algorithm. In order to develop efficient general purpose contact algorithms, the contact search algorithms are divided into two parts, t

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