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An interesting feature of the vapour pressure curve

Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag
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  • Mechanical Engineering


There exists a maximum in the products of the saturation properties such as T(p(c) - p) and p(T-c - T) in the vapour-liquid coexistence region for all liquids. The magnitudes of those maxima on the reduced coordinate system provide an insight to the molecular complexity of the liquid. It is shown that the gradients of the vapour pressure curve at temperatures where those maxima occur are directly given by simple relations involving the reduced pressures and temperatures at that point. A linear relation between the maximum values of those products of the form [p(r)(1 - T-r)](max) = 0.2095 - 0.2415 [T-r(1 - p(r))](max) has been found based on a study of 55 liquids ranging from non-polar monatomic cryogenic liquids to polar high boiling point liquids.

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