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Letter from M. Demerec to Tracy M. Sonneborn

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Sonneborn mss. 11 Manuscripts Department,. Lilly Library Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Thanks for your encouraging letter. The Press here has agreed to a restriction of the scope of the reprint volume; I've decided to limit it to.bacteria and bacteriophages, witii thatatfsa approval from U3 Press. This is certainly very much less of a headache than was the former scheme, and I am indebted to you for helping to crystallize my own reservations about it. A swarm of pub&ishing agents has been descending on me lately, apparently inspired by a vicious rumor that I was writing a text, with or without your collaboration. I am eagerly awaiting an announcement of your own book, both for itself, and as a possible means df alleviating this trouble. Is there any chance you'd care to pay us a visit anytime this 3inter or Spring? The department has been able to scrape up a fe-ti dollars for travel expenses, and I have had some hopas that you might be persuaded to visit and talk to our group. Can you foresee any time &ring the next several months that you might find freebto cone? -. - . uMv=STY OF WISCONSIN . , . (Letterhead for inrerdepartmenrnl me) ---- -- ._ .- _ For Reference Use O&. This Material -.- is.covered by copyright and pay not be 1 quoted or reproduced without permission jof copyright holder. ..

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