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Thermal hydrocracking of indan. Effects of the hydrogen pressure on the kinetics and Arrhenius parameters

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  • Physics


The kinetics of the thermal hydrocracking of indan were investigatedin a high-pressure flow reactor at temperatures from 470 to 530°C, total pressures of up to 300 atm, and molar ratios from 3 to 40. The effect of the hydrogen pressure was reflected especially in a change of the experimental rate equations for the formation of toluene from rT=k [indan]0.5 [hydrogen] to rT=k [indan] 0.75[hydrogen]0.75 with hydrogen partial pressureincreasing from 73 to 230 atm. The rate equation of n-propylbenzene remained constant at rPr=k [indan] [hydrogen]1.5. Simultaneously the Arrheniusparameters of toluene changed significantly, while those of n-propylbenzene remained unchanged. The observed effect of the hydrogen pressure is explained as a change inthe rates of the intermediate reactions; it provides an excellent agreementbetween the theoretical and experimental data. It was found that the steady-state concentration of the hydrogen atoms, which act as chain carriers in the thermal hydrocracking, was much smaller than the thermodynamic equilibrium concentrations

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