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New and little known geophilomorph centipedes from Amazonian inundation forests near Manaus, Brazil (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha)

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  • Ddc:570
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A new genus is proposed within the family Geophilidae: Hyphydrophilus n. gen., for H. adisi n.sp. Four additional new species are described, i.e. the ballophilids ltyphilus crabilli n.sp. and Taeniolinllm arborum n.sp. and the schendylids Pecfiniunguis ascendens n.sp. and Schendyluflls amazonicl/s n.sp. The geophilid species Ribautia centralis (SILVESTRI, 1907) is redescribed, after material from Brazil compared with the holotype. The ballophilid Thalthybil/s perrieri BROLEMANN, 1909 is transferred to the genus ltyphi/us COOK, 1889 and a lectotype is designated here for it. Keywords: Amazon, Neotropics, inundation forest, Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha.

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