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Advanced Driver Assistance at Intersections - What do Drivers Need and Want?

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  • Institut Für Verkehrsführung Und Fahrzeugsteuerung


To answer the question what kind of assistance drivers need at intersections, n = 31 drivers were asked about their difficulties at intersections and their wishes with regard to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Additionally, driving behaviour, heart rate and subjective rating of strain while driving through different kinds of intersections were observed by means of the DLR ViewCar. This study was conducted within the framework of the INVENT initia-tive. In this BmbF initiative the DLR was a sub-contractor of Robert Bosch GmbH, BMW Research and Technology GmbH, DaimlerChrysler AG and Volkswagen AG. Different char-acteristics of intersections were examined in order to find out which contribute most to in-creasing the difficulty of driving through an intersection. Subjective ratings show that two aspects are most relevant with regard to the strain while driving: When drivers have to yield to oncoming traffic and when drivers turn right or left as compared to driving straight on. The description of driving behaviour points to the fact that these difficulties for the driver arise mainly when approaching the intersection. At more difficult intersections, drivers adapt their behaviour earlier than at intersections which are easy to cross. Accordingly, when drivers were asked which kind of support they need most, the drivers wish assistance in deciding if and when they may cross the intersection and in the choice of the path for approaching and crossing the intersection. These results are discussed with regard to the development of inter-section driver assistance.

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