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Renal transport of urate during diuretic-induced hypouricemia

The American Journal of Medicine
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DOI: 10.1016/0002-9343(76)90569-6


Abstract The effect of two weeks administration of a uricosuric diuretic (SKF-62698) on renal urate handling has been examined in 11 normal men. Plasma urate concentrations had declined by more than 60 per cent after two weeks. Urate excretion per unit of glomerular filtration rate and urate clearance (C urate) per unit of glomerular filtration rate were increased after the administration of SKF-62698. The importance of intact tubular secretion of urate in producing these changes was assessed by administering pyrazinamide, an agent that curtails urate secretion, to each participant. The decrements in urate excretion and clearance produced by pyrazinamide both increased significantly, whereas the residual urate excretion rates and clearances not suppressible by pyrazinamide were only minimally altered by SKF-62698 treatment. These results suggest that the excretion of secreted urate was enhanced by prolonged administration of SKF-62698, probably secondary to the inhibition of postsecretory urate reabsorption. In addition, because the nonsuppressible urate excretion did not decline despite a 63 per cent reduction in the plasma urate, it is likely that the reabsorption of filtered urate also was impaired by SKF-62698.

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