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Application of improved Fuzzy controller for Smart Structure

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  • Smart Structures
  • Optimal Location
  • Fuzzy If-Then Rules
  • Fuzzy Logic Controller
  • Parameter Self-Adjustment
  • S-Function
  • Design


In order to reduce the vibration of smart structures, this paper gets the optimal location of piezoelectric patch by the D-optimal design principle, and then uses the fuzzy logic to control the smart structures vibration. The fuzzy IF-THEN rules are established on analysis of the motion traits of cantilever beam. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) designs base on using the displacement and velocity of the cantilever beams tips as the inputs, the control force on cantilever beams as the output. This new method improves calculation efficiency and reduces calculation complexity. Besides that, the paper establishes parameter self-adjustment factor in fuzzy controller by s-function to make the fuzzy logic control more effective. The simulation results with Matlab illustrate that the proposed method has a better control performance than existing methods.

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