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Inhibition of DNA gyrase by optically active ofloxacin.

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Inhibition of DNA gyrase activity by optically active ofloxacins was studied and compared with the inhibition of norfloxacin and ciprofloxacin. The (-)-isomer of ofloxacin inhibited the supercoiling activity of gyrase from Micrococcus luteus more effectively than did the (+)-isomer. The 50% inhibitory concentrations of (-)-, (+/-)-, and (+)-ofloxacin; norfloxacin; and ciprofloxacin for gyrase from Escherichia coli were 0.78, 0.98, 7.24, 0.78, and 1.15 microgram/ml, respectively. These values correlated well with the antibacterial activity of each compound against intact bacterial cells.

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