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Micro-crystal electronics by cuprate superconductors

Physica C Superconductivity
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DOI: 10.1016/s0921-4534(97)01508-6
  • Physics


Abstract We propose new electronic devices based on layered structures of single crystal cuprate superconductors. The performancesof the proposed single crystal devices are two orders of magnitude higher than those of Josephson devices. The gate amplifier is realized with the occupied area of λ abλ c ≌ sub μ m 2 . The superconductive gate with current I 0 ≌50 mA becomes resistive with output voltage of V 0 ≌ 100 mV by the input current applications. The minimum switching time τ s is estimated as τ s ≌ λ c/c s ≌10 −13 s , sub-picosecond region. The proposed devices work as high gain analog amplifiers and oscillators up to THz region frequency. As the proposed gate uses the single crystal, the noise figure should be low enough if the used crystal is of high quality. As other applications of micro-crystal electronics, a low noise SQUID flux sensor using a high quality single crystal and large current superconductive switch with high output voltage at off state should be achieved.

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