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The Barley Chromosome 5 Linkage Map.

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  • I: Literature Survey And Map Estimation Procedure
  • The Literature Is Surveyed For Data On Recombination Between Loci On Chromosome 5 Of Barley
  • 13 Loci Fall Into The Category “Mapped” Loci
  • More Than 20 Into The Category “Associated” Loci And Nine Into The Category “Loci Once Suggested To
  • A Procedure Was Developed For Estimating A Linkage Map
  • It Involves (1) Transformation By The Kosambi Mapping Function Of The Available Recombination Percen
  • (2) Calculations Of A Set Of Map Distances From The Transformed Recombination Percentages By A Maxim
  • And (3) Omission Of Inconsistent Data And Determination Of The Most Likely Order Of The Loci
  • This Procedure Was Applied To The 42 Recombination Percentages Available For The 13 “Mapped” Loci
  • Due To Inconsistencies 14 Of The Recombination Percentages And
  • Therefore
  • Two Of The 13 “Mapped” Loci Must Be Omitted
  • The Resulting Linkage Map Has 11 Loci Arranged In Two Sections Not Mutually Orientated
  • Nine Loci Are In One Section And Three Are In The Other Section
  • The Ml-A Locus Occurs In Both
  • Mathematics


The Barley Chromosome 5 Linkage Map. - DTU Orbit (25/04/14) The Barley Chromosome 5 Linkage Map. - DTU Orbit (25/04/14) The Barley Chromosome 5 Linkage Map. : I: Literature Survey and Map Estimation Procedure The literature is surveyed for data on recombination between loci on chromosome 5 of barley; 13 loci fall into the category “mapped” loci, more than 20 into the category “associated” loci and nine into the category “loci once suggested to be on chromosome 5”. A procedure was developed for estimating a linkage map; it involves (1) transformation by the Kosambi mapping function of the available recombination percentages to additive map distances, (2) calculations of a set of map distances from the transformed recombination percentages by a maximum likelihood method in which all the available data are utilized jointly, and (3) omission of inconsistent data and determination of the most likely order of the loci. This procedure was applied to the 42 recombination percentages available for the 13 “mapped” loci. Due to inconsistencies 14 of the recombination percentages and, therefore, two of the 13 “mapped” loci must be omitted. The resulting linkage map has 11 loci arranged in two sections not mutually orientated. Nine loci are in one section and three are in the other section; the Ml-a locus occurs in both. General information State: Published Organisations: Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Authors: Jensen, J. (Ekstern), Jørgensen, J. H. (Intern) Pages: 5-16 Publication date: 1975 Main Research Area: Technical/natural sciences Publication information Journal: Hereditas (Print) Volume: 80 Journal number: 1 ISSN (Print): 0018-0661 Ratings: FI (2012): 1 ISI indexed (2012): yes FI (2011): 1 ISI indexed (2011): yes FI (2010): 1 FI (2009): 1 FI (2008): 1 Original language: English DOIs: 10.1111/j.1601-5223.1975.tb01494.x Source: orbit Source-ID: 285766 Publication: Research - peer-review › Journal article – Annual report year: 1975

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