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The interpretation of dreams. Oneirocritica

Medical History
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Book Reviews Christian faith and took the name of Petrus Alfonsi. His Disciplina clericalis was widely known throughout medieval Europe in Latin and in translations, and consists of proverbs, poetry, fables, anecdotes, and tales of men's fates. A translation by Eberhard Hermes into German appeared in 1970 and Mr. P. R. Quarrie has now prepared an English version ofthe original Latin text, with reference to Hermes' work. He has also translated Hermes' lengthy introduction (pp. 3-99), which describes 'The author and his times', and also the position of Jews in medieval Spanish society. Of interest to historians of medicine and science is the part dealing with medieval attitudes to scientific investigations, and there are also a number of references in the text to medicine, which supplement our limited knowledge of it in this period. In view of this and of its wide influence Dr. Quarrie's excellent and scholarly translation should be carefully studied by all those concerned with medieval medicine and science. ARTEMIDORUS, The interpretation of dreams. Oneirocritica, with translation and commentary by Robert J. White, Park Ridge, N. J., Noyes Press, 1975, 8vo, pp. ix, 259, $15.00. Written in the second century A.D. by a professional dream-interpreter, this book appears here in English for the first time. There is a lengthy introduction to the five constituent books, each with lengthy commentaries. Literally hundreds of dreams are related and interpreted, and no doubt the psycho- analyst will find all these data of overwhelming interest. Its value to the less romantic is not so obvious, and the statement on the dustjacket that interest in dreams and their meaning "is one of the hallmarks of the intellectual life of this century" can hardly be taken seriously. However, as far as classical studies are concerned, it is important to have an accurate and scholarly translation of a well-known author's writings on a theme of interest and concern to the Ancient World. Thus, the great significance of the dr

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