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Nanoporous alloy aggregates: synthesis and electrocatalytic activity

Royal Society of Chemistry
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  • Materials Research Centre


Nanoporous structures are widely used for many applications and hence there have been several efforts directed towards their synthesis. While several template-based and template-less approaches are available for monometallic systems, there is no general method for the synthesis of nanoporous multicomponent systems/alloys. We present a general template-less strategy for the synthesis of nanoporous alloy aggregates by controlled aggregation of nanoparticles in the solution phase with excellent control over morphology and composition as illustrated using AuPt, AuPd, PdPt and PtRu systems as examples. The Pt-based nanoporous clusters exhibit excellent activity for methanol oxidation with good long-term stability and CO tolerance. We show that the method can be extended to produce ternary catalysts and hence we expect our method to be widely used for the synthesis of multifunctional nanoporous structures for catalysis, sensor and drug-delivery applications.

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