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Is There Light at the Ends of the Tunnel? Wireless Sensor Networks for Adaptive Lighting in Road Tunnels

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Is There Light at the Ends of the Tunnel? Wireless Sensor Networks for Adaptive Lighting in Road Tunnels Matteo Ceriotti1,2, Michele Corrà3, Leandro D’Orazio4, Roberto Doriguzzi5, Daniele Facchin2, S¸tefan Gunaˇ2, Gian Paolo Jesi2, Renato Lo Cigno2, Luca Mottola2,6, Amy L. Murphy1, Massimo Pescalli4, Gian Pietro Picco2,∗, Denis Pregnolato4, Carloalberto Torghele2 1Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy 2University of Trento, Italy 3TRETEC, Trento, Italy 4Siemens Italy 5CreateNet, Trento, Italy 6Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) ∗Contact author: [email protected] ABSTRACT Existing deployments of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are of- ten conceived as stand-alone monitoring tools. In this paper, we report instead on a deployment where the WSN is a key component of a closed-loop control system for adaptive lighting in operational road tunnels. WSN nodes along the tunnel walls report light read- ings to a control station, which closes the loop by setting the inten- sity of lamps to match a legislated curve. The ability to match dy- namically the lighting levels to the actual environmental conditions improves the tunnel safety and reduces its power consumption. The use of WSNs in a closed-loop system, combined with the real-world, harsh setting of operational road tunnels, induces tighter requirements on the quality and timeliness of sensed data, as well as on the reliability and lifetime of the network. In this work, we test to what extent mainstream WSN technology meets these challenges, using a dedicated design that however relies on well- established techniques. The paper describes the hw/sw architecture we devised by focusing on the WSN component, and analyzes its performance through experiments in a real, operational tunnel. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.1 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network Archi- tecture and Design—Wireless Communication General Terms Design, Experimentation, Measurement 1. INTRODUCTION Wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

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