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Thermodynamic Stability of Potassium-beta-Alumina

Minerals Metals Materials Soc
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  • Materials Engineering (Formerly Metallurgy)


The activity of K sub 2 O in a mixture of alpha -alumina and potassium beta -alumina has been determined using a solid state galvanic cell in the temperature range 600-1000K. The cell is written such that the right hand electrode is positive. The solid electrolyte consisted of a dispersion of alpha -alumina ( approx 15 vol.%) in a matrix of K beta -alumina. The emf of the cell was found to be reversible and to vary linearly with temperature. From the emf and auxiliary data on In sub 2 O sub 3 and K sub 2 O from the literature, the activity of K sub 2 O in the two-phase mixture is obtained. The standard free energy of formation of K beta -alumina from component oxides is given. Graphs.

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