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Hospitals are required to always improve the quality of service in accordance with developments in technology and science. Patient satisfaction is very important in the progress of the hospital when the patient was satisfied will reuse services. From year to year, health costs are always increasing in line with changes in disease patterns. Health insurance is a way to cope with risk and uncertainty of events and implications of hospital costs resulting from it. Ulin Hospital is a Hospital in South Kalimantan provincial government that provides services for patients health insurance participants. Based on the facts found there were patients who expressed less satisfaction health insurance for health services using health insurance. The purpose of this study to determine the factors of dissatisfaction at the service of health insurance patients Ulin General Hospital. This research is a descriptive research with quantitative approach. With incidental sampling sampling from 100 respondents (patient health insurance). Data collection was performed with the patient satisfaction questionnaire askes in Ulin General Hospital, a score or value system on the basis Likerts, where the determination of score using the value ranges from 1 to 5. Data processing using a percentage and based on the results of data analysis that we can know the factors that lead to customer dissatisfaction (patient) health insurance on hospital services Ulin. Dissatisfaction factors such patients is more due to nonmedical services provided by the employee. As these factors include the service that still distinguish the social status of patients, procedures that have been determined, officials in providing information to patients, speed of service employees in providing information and speed of the administration in providing services. Thus it is known that these factors that cause dissatisfaction in patients with health insurance services provided by hospitals.

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