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Problems and Countermeasures for the Development of Modern Agriculture in Henan Province, China

  • Agricultural Science
  • Ecology
  • Economics


Current status of agricultural development in Henan Province of Chian is analyzed, showing that the agricultural production condition is increasingly improved; food production reaches to a new level; characteristic agriculture and green agricultural production begin to take shape; the level of agricultural mechanization is significantly improved; and the agricultural standardization and opening degree are enhanced. Problems in the development of modern agriculture in Henan Province are pointed out, such as the prominent pressure on the increase in grain production, the great risks in food safety, the tough employment situation, and the weak ecological environment. Countermeasures for developing the modern agriculture in Henan Province are put forward, including stabilizing cultivation area, optimizing structure, relying on science and technology, doing everything possible to ensure the increase in grain production, strengthening the supervision on food safety, actively exploring the employment space of modern agriculture, and protecting ecological environment by modern agriculture.

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