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Performance of multiple-input multiple-output wireless communications systems using distributed antennas

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In this contribution we propose and investigate a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications system, where multiple receive antennas are distributed in the area covered by a cellular cell and connected with the base-station (BS). We first analyze the total received power by the BS through the distributed antennas, when assuming that the mobile's signal is transmitted over lognormal shadowed Rayleigh fading channels. Then, the outage probability of the distributed antenna MIMO systems is investigated, when considering various antenna distribution patterns. Furthermore, space-time coding at the mobile transmitter is considered for enhancing the outage performance of the distributed antenna MIMO system. Our study and simulation results show that the outage performance of a distributed antenna MIMO system can be significantly improved, when either increasing the number of distributed receive antennas or increasing the number of mobile transmit antennas.

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