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Letter from Joseph Lein to Joshua Lederberg

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0 ) Pl!l LABORATORIES INC. SYRACUSE l,NEW YORK January br 1960 Dr. Joshua Ledsrberg 715 Partridge Avenue Menlo Park, California Dear Joehuar It has bothered me a great deal that we have not been in a better position to do justice to your ideas, sorewball or otherwise. I think you aenze the reamn. At this stage of Dristol~r development, we have to grab the ball in a few limited field8 and run like hell hoping to outmaneuver home of the big outfits. On the basis of our various oonversationa, I am sure you realize that we alao have a great interest in break-throughs based on new techniques, new approaches and new ideas. There is no question but that we have not been effective in the latter area and this is something about which I am personally very much concerned. About the only way I can Bee our getting into these areas ib) through organizing a sizeable facility in Japan,, Our managenuent here agrees and initial conversations are underway that may lead to a substantial research establishment there. Cavallils proposal sounds most interesting and of course we can offer no objection especially in view of your rather special relationship. Being in a university atmosphere and free from immediate commercial pressuTe6, the over- all organizational struoture at Pavia is admirably’suited for this type of work. Add to this the able people there and I am sure interesting thing@ will happen. Everything considered, however, I think it would be best if we did not attempt to crarve out "areas of interest" between the two groups. We will not be in a position to work on %ubstitutional chemotherapy" for a period of time and accordingly you have our approval to discusa this with them. There is one aspect you might wish to take up with Cavalli. I do not know anything about the organization "Interist" and it ie probably completely dominated by Schering. In the event that it is not, we may be interested in giving it some support ehould there be some advantage to u8

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