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Uniformity of optical absorption in HgCdTe epilayer measured by infrared spectromicroscopy

The American Institute of Physics
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Infrared absorption in HgCdTe epitaxial material has been investigated using infrared spectromicroscopy to study the uniformity at dimensions representative of typical infrared detectors. Infrared transmission measurements were performed on HgCdTe material using an infrared beam diameter of 9 μm. Line scans and area maps of transmission spectra were obtained to investigate statistical variations in infrared absorption. The HgCdTe material demonstrates a high degree of uniformity, with a standard deviation in absorption coefficient near the sensitive turn-on region of less than 3% and standard deviation in extracted Hg1-xCdxTeHg1-xCdxTe compositon of 3×10−4.3×10−4. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.

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