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Annual report of the Cohesion Fund 1995. Annex I - Ireland - Transport. COM (96) 388 final, 4 September 1996

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••• • • * * • * ..... -·.~--- COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNinES Brussels, 04.09.1996 COM(%) 388 final ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COHESION PUND 1995 ANNEXT I- IRELAND- TRANSPORT Due to the excessive length of this report. it has been broken down into sections: Repon., pages 1-99 Annex I - Main Points of the Decisions approved in 1995 Spain- Environment pp. 100-310 Spain- Transport pp. 311-356 Portugal- Environment pp. 357-407 Portugal- Transport pp. 408-413 Greece- Environment pp. 414-4 78 Greece- Transport pp. 479-504 Ireland- Environment pp. 505-532 Ireland- Transport 523-559 Annex 2-Tables and Graphs pp. 560-571 Annex 3-Maps of the roads and railway networks pp. 572-580 IRELAND···· ·• ENVIRONMENT . : ,'· :Publication of the main· pointS 9f the. ))ecision to grant aSsistance wider Regulation 1164/94 establislling the Cohesion Fund . . Proje~t Number: ~3/07/61/010/02.2/026 . . 1. Nanie of project: River,Barrow Water Quality Improvenie~t ~cheme 2. Organization responsible for the application 2.1 Name: 2.2 Address: Department of the Environment O'Connell Bridge Dublin 2, Ireland· . . · 3. Organization .responsible for project implementation 3.1 Name: Carlow Co. Council Athy Urban Distr. Council New Ross Urban Distr. Council · ·3.2 Addt-ess: ·County Offices Carlow Ireland 4. Location of project 4.1 Membet· State:' ,;Ireland · Rathste.wart Athy, Co. Kildare Ireland '· 4.2 County: Co. Cadow, Kildare and Wexford, Ireland 5. Description of pmject .The Tholsel New Ross, Co. Wexford Ireland This Decision covers,three sewerage schem~s in Athy Muinebheag and New Ross which are all intended to improve significantly. water quality of the River Barrow. ~~ . The Decision covers the first two stages of this project which includes the replacement of the ·existing pipeline network, the provision of a ne~ secondary treatment plant and 2 riew pumping stations. This Decision covers the

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