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Lattice Vibrations in Chlorobenzenes:

American Institute of Physics
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  • Experimental Dispersion Curves For Beta-Paradichlorobenzenes By Neutron Scattering
  • Lattice Vibrational Dispersion Curves For The ``Intermolecular'' Modes In The Triclinic
  • One Molecule Per Unit Cell β Phase Of P‐C6D4Cl2 And P‐C6H4Cl2 Have Been Obtained By Inelastic Neutro
  • The Deuterated Sample Was Investigated At 295 And At 90°K And A Linear Extrapolation To 0°K Was Appl
  • Calculations Based On The Atom‐Atom Model For Van Der Waals' Interaction And On General Potential Pa
  • There Is No Substantial Improvement In Fit Obtained Either By Consideration Of Electrostatic Forces
  • Anharmonic Effects Are Shown To Be Large
  • But The Dominant Features In The Temperature Variation Of Frequencies Are Describable By A Quasiharm


Lattice Vibrations in Chlorobenzenes: - DTU Orbit (17/04/14) Lattice Vibrations in Chlorobenzenes: - DTU Orbit (17/04/14) Reynolds, PA, Kjems, J & White, JW 1974, 'Lattice Vibrations in Chlorobenzenes:: Experimental Dispersion Curves for beta-Paradichlorobenzenes by Neutron Scattering' Journal of Chemical Physics, vol 60, no. 3, pp. 824-834., 10.1063/1.1681156

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