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Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii, 1973

Hawaiian Entomological Society
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Vol. XXII, No. 1, August, 1975 109 Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii, 1973 H. K. Nakao, G. Y. Funasaki and C. J. Davis STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE HONOLULU, HAWAII The Entomology Branch of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture has maintained a continuous program of beneficial organism introductions for many years. This paper includes a list of beneficial insects introduced for biological control during 1973, and gives notes on the status of some pests and their purposely introduced enemies. Snail Pest Control Achatina fulica Bowdich (giant African snail). Giant African snail populations remained at low levels in former high density localities on Oahu and Maui. Efforts to eradicate or contain the snail continued on the islands of Kauai and Hawaii. On Kauai, metal- dehyde bait applications were made throughout the year in localized infestations at Poipu and Wahiawa. On Hawaii, a shipment of Gonaxis quadrilateralis (Preston) from Oahu was released along the perimeter of the snail infestation in Kahaluu (Kona) in January, and an aerial bait application was made covering 65 to 70 acres, in August. Galba viridis (Quoy & Gaimard) (liverfluke snail). No recoveries have been made of Sepedon plumbella Wiedemann, S. senex Wiedemann and S. n. sp., sciomyzids introduced from Southeast Asia in 1971 to aid in the control of Galba viridis, the intermediate host of cattle liverfluke. Populations of G. viridis, however, were reported at low levels on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii and this may, in part, be attributed to the predation of Sepedon sauteri Hendel and S. macropus Walker. Weed Pest Control Lantana camara var. aculeata L. Moldenke (lantana). The establishment of the lantana stem boring beetle, Plagiohammus spinipennis Thomson on Maui appears likely. Numerous adult emer gence holes were noted at Ulupalakua and girdling damage by larvae was evident in Iao Valley. Adults were released for the first time on Kauai at Kokee in May and on Oahu at Makaleha Valley in February. Although no

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