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Advancement in T/R Module Interconnects

Horizon house
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  • Ing-Inf/01 Elettronica
  • Design


Emerging RF systems which incorporate active phased array antenna subsystems demand major improvements in the microwave packaging and antenna interconnect technology used for the transmit/receive (T/R) modules.For active phased arrays to be viable,T/R module designs will need to be lower cost,lighter weight,and more producible as well as easily integrated into the antenna.The T/R interconnect technology presented herein provides for a new approach in both module and array design.Brazed with conventional braze materials, subminiature, blindmate RF connectors are attached to conventional cofired alumina and low temperature ceramic materials.This technology also addresses stringent reliability and maintainability as well as electrical requirements.The result is a packaging and interconnect technology that reduces life cycle cost and achieves improved performance from previous designs and reduces antenna assembly issues.Also discussed,is the incorporation of this interconnect technology to T/R modules into both a p nar and conventional phased array antennas.In both cases,the individual T/R modules are ‘plugged ’ into the array allowing for easy maintenance of the array.

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