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Early sedimentation and crossover kinetics in an off-critical phase-separating liquid mixture

  • Growth
  • Emulsion
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Sm] Physics/Condensed Matter/Statistical Mechanics
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Sm] Physique/MatièRe CondenséE/MéCanique Statistique
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Ms] Physics/Condensed Matter/Materials Science
  • [Phys:Cond:Cm_Ms] Physique/MatièRe CondenséE/Science Des MatéRiaux
  • Phase Separation
  • Light Attenuation


Early sedimentation in a liquid mixture off-critically quenched in its miscibility gap was investigated with a light attenuation technique. The time evolution of the droplets distribution is characteristic of an emulsion coalescing by gravitational collisions. This sedimentation behaviour has given access to the phase-separating kinetics and a crossover on the way toward equilibrium was observed, which separates free growth from conserved order-parameter coarsening with a crossover time fitting well to theoretical predictions.

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